RachaelRachael Pearce

Meet Rachael…

Cherish Life Director & Aroma Scientist

Wellness ConsultantAs the mum of a child who has had a compromised immune system all of her life, I am passionate about natural solutions.

After her being diagnosed with Environmental Poisoning from us living in Russia in her early years, we came back to New Zealand to concentrate on detoxing and getting her well as naturally as possible. Upon discovering that the only method which was effective was using essential oils topically, (Try getting a 2 year old to take oral medications which she did not like the taste of!) I trained in Aroma Science to  get a better understanding of the properties of the essential oils and how they worked with each part of our bodies systems.

My passion is to work with people with ongoing health issues, especially with auto-immune deficiencies and to help you obtain a better quality of life.

Since completing my training I was also diagnosed with Lymes Disease, a degenerative Auto-immune disorder with a long term prognosis of cell deterioration and ending up in a wheelchair. I have been able to reverse the deterioration off my body by using natural remedies and treatments. I now have a much broader and personal understanding of how to use the different modalities available to us here in Tauranga to bring healing to the body.

Contact me at rachael@cherishlife.co.nz or call 021 996 393 for a consultation and regain your health.


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